Giuseppe G. Venturini

Coffee and electronics enthusiast

I like circuit design, delta-sigma modulation, books and my dog. Oh, and coffee!

Here you can find links to the projects I work on, some boring stuff about me, pictures of my beloved dog and general ramblings on things I like.

This is me. Send me a mail, it'll make me happy.

Open-source projects I work on

I enjoy the open-source development model and I am an avid Linux user. I contributed to a few projects over the years, and I started, and still mantain, the following two:


I mantain a python package named python-deltasigma, derived from R. Schreier's awesome MATLAB Delta-Sigma Toolbox, based on free software.

You can find it at:



In my younger days, I was crazy enough to write an electronic circuit simulator named ahkab. I ended up improving it in my spare time.

You can find it at:


If you use one of the above in your work, please add a small citation.

Such as:


  • Venturini G et al. ahkab: Open Source electronic circuit simulation in Python, 2006-, [Online; accessed 2015-04-01].

Here’s an example BibTeX entry:

  author = {Giuseppe Venturini and others},
  title = {{python-deltasigma}: Open source delta-sigma tools for {Python}},
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  note = {[Online; accessed 2015-04-01]}

Electronic engineering work

My day job is in electronics. I am an electronic engineer and my work is among the things I enjoy the most.

I have a BSc, MSc and I am working towards a PhD in Microelectronics on the topic of high-dynamic range A/D conversion.

Selected publications

  • G. Venturini, F. Anghinolfi, B. Dehning, F. Krummenacher, M. Kayal, A 120dB dynamic-range radiation-tolerant charge-to-digital converter for radiation monitoring, Microelectronics Journal, Volume 44, Issue 12, December 2013, Pages 1302-1308.
  • G. Venturini et al., “Characterization of a wide dynamic-range, radiation-tolerant charge-digitizer ASIC for monitoring of beam losses”, In International Beam Instrumentation Conference, IBIC2012, Tsukuba, Japan, Oct 1-4, 2012.
  • G. Venturini et al., “Design of radiation-tolerant wide dynamic-range charge-to-digital converters for ionization chambers and diamond detectors”, In Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics, TWEPP 2012, 17-21 September, Oxford University, UK.
  • G. Venturini et al., “A 20-bit dynamic range CMOS A/D converter for ionization chambers”, Presented at PRIME 2011, 3-7 July 2011.

Home lab setup

Some time ago I decided I would build a small home lab, to do a bit of electronics in my spare time and to check a few things while on leave from work. What I do at home is mostly centered on analog electronics, sensors and A/D conversion. The slow stuff, thankfully also the cheaper one.

I am very satisfied of my setup. Here is an overview through a few pictures:

All-in-one PC dual booting Windows and Linux.

Picoscope 2205, 25MHz BW with AWG.

Second hand BK DC power supply and soldering station.

I am a hobbist EAGLE PCB user and I like it!